Sunday, February 19, 2006


Dinner by LION Club, Ampang

souvenir book
rushing for the last peanutfirst dish
Benjamin "showing-off" his chopstick skill
Anthony & Jackson waiting for the food
David, Joel, John looking bore
Jeremy & William
Kong Hui ensure everyone get a peanut
Daniel counting & distributing the peanuts

pictures submitted by Kean Mun

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Valentine @ G.S.H.

Jackson, Benjamin, John & Daniel
"Papa" Joseph showing off his cooking skill
Joshua & Jeremy getting the "wok" ready to cook
Lisbeth asssiting the boys in ensuring the meat is "really" cook !
stay away ! don't even think of it...
Pastor Bala & Pastor Albert there waiting for their turn to cook
Daniel & John making sure nothing is left

Currently, all three male volunteers (Kong Hooi, Alan Ang, Kean Mun) and full-time worker "Papa" Joseph @ GSH are singles. Yeap, that's right... all still very single & unattached ! Not wanting to feel left out without a date, we invited all the older boys from the home to a Valentine BBQ together ! Must say the best cook award for the night should goes to Joseph Pang as he was doing most of the cooking. Not forgetting, Pastor Albert also “lovingly” bbq his specialty prawn for Auntie YM. Overall it was a good fun time together and who say Valentine is only for lover ? ...submitted by Kean Mun

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hair Day !

Auntie YM with full concentration & focus on Mary hair
Caleb : Hey Jeremy, u sure u know what's u're doing ar ?
stand aside, let "papa" Joseph show u how it's done
hmm... now i'm more confident !

To see the end product, please visit the home... submitted by Kean Mun.

Friday, February 10, 2006


And now, for your 'VIEWING' pleasure...

Post by volunteer Alan Ang

VIDEO CLIPS!!! We have videoooo clipsssss yeeeaaa! Now, you can finally feast your eyes and ears on the GSH Hip-Hop team as they pump up the groove at Pure Love's Charity Dinner 2006 event in Hokkien Association Klang.

Watch as Jackson(16), Benjamin(15), Joshua(14), Daniel(14), John(13), David(13), Reuben(14), Anthony(15), Jeremy(12), William(7), Eunice(9) and Peggy(9) 'hip' and 'hop' their way to a roaring applause! Way to go guys, strike 5 stars on the coolness factor!

Note: You will need a fast internet broadband connection to watch these clips.

Clip 1: A front view of the performance.
Clip 2: The performance at a birds-eye view.
Clip 3: While we're at it, here's the GSH Profile video, compiled by Pastor Aaron.


Here are some extra scenes during the dinner. I would have taken more pictures but my battery ran out (and also distracted by the food).

The event kicked off at 7.45pm in
Hokkien Association Klang. Over 100
tables had to be prepared for guests.

The food came fast and furious while the
guests were treated to a variety of performances. No one left
with an empty stomach that night.

The children and volunteers chilling out
while waiting for guests to arrive.

Thanks y'all for coming. Also a very special thanks to the Pure Love organization, Hokkien Association, guests and all volunteers who made it a night to remember.

Alan signing off!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Pure Love Charity Dinner @ 8 Feb

The "Pure Love" association recently has organized a charity dinner in conjunction with the Chinese New Year to raise "building fund" for the Good Samaritan Home. Among the many performance shown that evening, the hip-hop dance that was performed by children from the home got the most roaring applause. Credit to their dance instructor Ms. Jan Wee.

Sorry folks, as I was busy video'ing the (hip-hop) dance thus' unable to capture any picture of it to be posted here. Will try to download the video clip here as soon as I get it converted. Picture quality for below may not be the best as it was taken via my Nokia 6680 camera phone. For more details on the home or the "Pure Love" organization, please contact the home administrator... submitted by Kean Mun.

volunteer Alan Ang
volunteer Kong Hooi
Auntie YM getting the kids ready
Samuel moving to the beat
performing a chinese dance
getting ready for their next dance
Samaritian Home hip-hop dancer
Benjamin singing a chinese song
"Pure Love" committee with the children

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Dance Practice

dance instructor in green, Ms. Jan Wee
raining outside thus have to practice inside the house
moving to the beat of "black eye pea ?"
why you kept asking why
another pose with the dance instructor. the kids will be performing the dance at Hokkian Association Klang on 8 Feb. for more details or to watch their performance, please contact the home.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


CNY Celebration

KEC Club Bandar Baru, Klang
lunch at the home
playing with Michelle
playing with Samuel
Samuel & Annie
Samuel opening his gift
playtime at home

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