Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Casa Rachado trip 19-21 Dec 2007

Hi all, here are some photos taken from GSH trip to Casa Rachado in PD, sponsored by MAA.

The kids enjoyed themselves playing, swimming, eating, and spending time at the beach. Apart from that, volunteers Kean Mun and Kong Hooi also took the time to introduce some tent-pitching and compass-reading skills to the bigger children.

It was a first time for Angel, Brian, Lianne, and Chris.

So what did you like about the trip, kids?

Racheal Kee: Swimming is fun.
Mary: The room is nice.
Racheal Ng: Staying in PD is very nice.
Joanna: I loved the swimming.
Eunice: I enjoyed learning to set up the tent.
Peggy: I enjoyed with all my friends.
Jonathan: I liked everything!
William: I got to play around the whole trip!!
Joel: I didnt need to do homework!!!!!!!!

No comments from Angel, Brian, Lianne, and Chris till they learn how to talk, but im sure they enjoyed themselves as well.

A big thank you to MAA.

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