Monday, July 24, 2006




Ahh an update after a dry spell. A lot more to come this month so tune in ya!
A team from Doulos invited our home over for a tour on the oldest floating book store last Saturday.

We drove all the way to West Port in 2 cars and a van with a bunch of eager kids.
When we got on board, we were spilt into 3 groups and were taken around to see the parts of the ship. While waiting inside, I was amazed to see people of different nationalities walking around the inner lobby in their respective traditional clothes.

Spainards, French, Italians, Japanese, it was like the whole world crammed into this ship. Watching World Cup must have been really exciting. The people on board were friendly, courteous, and comfortable to be around with.

The tour was really facinating, we got to see the laundry room, mess hall, clinic, fire emergency room, kitchen, engine room, and also part of the living quarters of the crew. All around you could see tiny little flags of different nationalities, pasted on walls, doors, and corridoors.

We all had a chance to see the lives and different roles each crew member played in this big, floating family. Enjoy the photos below :)

Bon voyage! Hope to see you again Doulos.

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